“It is only after a fair portion of one’s life that one really knows what are the things that matter, the things that will remain until the end.”

What do you get from the above statement? I believe that we as human beings have the innate ability to learn. The problem that we have is that we tend to look past our life experiences as they happen. It is not until we are half way through our life that we begin to realize the mistakes and the accomplishments we have made and then begin to learn from them. Just think, how would our lives be if we learned as we went along in life? We as a society need to slow down and realize that we learn something new every day until the day that we die. We have so many things that we can share with one another but don’t. The next time you make eye contact with someone talk to them and realize that you both have something to share with each other. Slow down and think about the days events a learn from them. We owe it to ourselves and to each other.