Every time you turn on the T.V you hear about this Senator from Idaho who was arrested for, “soliciting in a public restroom”. In an airport of all places. I opened up my email this morning and had 20 email jokes on this man and it irritated me so much I had to say a little something about it. I have listened to the stories and read the police report and even listened to the police interview on NPR, between him and the arresting officer. That raised some questions for me being that I am a Police Officer as well. But what the hell….

Gay groups that would usually cry foul for a fellow gay that gets arrested and made the same claims as this Senator are dogging him every time they get a chance. His, “friends”, in the Senate are distancing themselves from him when he is begging for help. There are numerous jokes and funny videos on the net boards depicting and making light of what happened.

This man may indeed be Gay and scared to admit it. He may have honestly just made a bad decision in a difficult moment. Who really knows. We sure don’t because we were not there. But one thing is for sure! We are watching this mans life fall apart on national T.V and we are laughing about it.

Would it not be a sad day if in the end he can’t handle the stress of what is happening and feels so abandoned that he takes his own life? Then we find out that he was telling the truth all the while. Would we be laughing then? Would you be laughing?

Just a thought to ponder the next time you get an email joke about gay Senators.