Welcome back….From this point forward I will only write my predictions for 2008 and beyond. My posts will be short as I get the predictions:

1). Beginning in 2008 the world will see an increase of extreme natural disasters.
2). The first that I see is a massive Hurricane that will be affecting the eastern seaboard or Gulf of Mexico in late 2008.
3). Sometime during the year the Global Economy will begin to fail climaxing year end and beginning 2009.
4). Gas prices will spike somewhere close to or above $4.00 per gallon and then take a drastic dip.
5. We will have the first woman and Afro-American run for the Presidency. One of whom will win the election.
6). Between the years of 2008 and 2012 the world will see a decline and reduction of population from death, war, famine and natural disasters by one third.
7). During the last months of 2008 a battle in the Middle East will erupt which will signal the beginning of a global Conflict across all…

I will write more as I get them….