The day was perfect in 2000. It was a picturesque, warm, late spring day with a clear, azure blue sky overhead. It was the ideal day to take my son on his first fishing excursion. With his brand new Spiderman signature series rod and reel combo and plastic tackle box Jake was ready for big game fish. You need to understand the importance of this whole thing. I past the big 40 in age and this boy is my last born son and last child that will leave the house someday. After raising 4 other children, the good LORD blessed me and my wife Gwen with a bouncing baby boy in 1995. Having a son is an experience. I had no idea what lay in store for me, but as it now plays out, I’m enjoying every minute of it. This fishing day is one of those mile markers in the journey.

My goal in taking my son fishing, or spending time at sporting events is that I want to develop a relationship with my children. I want to have influence in their lives and train them up in the way they should go. I realize that my time with them, in the formative years, is fleeting. I have only a short time to impart to them knowledge that I want them to have. I want them to know the Almighty God and to realize that they need HIM more than anything or anyone in the world.