The current economy: fear, constriction, and dissociation OR a potent opportunity for discovery, growth, and transformation?We are powerless to change that which we lack conscious awareness of.

Given our current financial condition, it is time to explore both our personal and collective relationship with money more deeply. Money can be a very powerful teacher of what we have yet to learn about who we are as human beings.

We all possess unconscious beliefs, patterns and behaviors around money that are largely unknown to us. It is time to embark upon a deeper learning and integrate money into our spiritual work. We created it, we made it powerful, and its movement in the world is a direct reflection of our consciousness. As we become increasingly more conscious of this aspect of ourselves, we can begin to co-create a more meaningful and sustainable experience with money and the world around us. The other reward we will receive for doing our personal money work, I believe, is access to the pure potentiality that money represents that will allow us to become more evolved and fulfilled in all areas of our lives. This potential is greater than we ever imagined possible.

It’s interesting to note that the early alchemists did not attempt to turn lead into gold for financial gain, they were seeking spiritual gain. Quite literally, the process of turning the darker, heavier metal of lead to gold was to raise one’s consciousness, not one’s wealth. The alchemists were seeking enlightenment. On the path of seeking spiritual truth, gold was merely a physical manifestation of their enlightenment.

Until we understand and transform our relationship with money and become the alchemists in our own lives, money will always be problematic. Seeking to possess it without understanding its true purpose and meaning in our lives will only leave us feeling more conflicted and unfulfilled. The journey is not about money. The journey is about truth and self-discovery, an archeological dig to the center of the truth of who we really are.Now, more than ever before we are all being called to delve deeper into our spiritual journey. We must take action to create a world to that values human beings and our planet above profit. We need to trust that there is enough for everyone. Spirit will provide. We must resist the temptation to go into fear and constriction as there is nothing that can be gained by this. That is a trap that only stands to fulfill itself. Now is the time to release and let go of all that no longer serves us so that we can create the space to receive that which does.

What will be your first action in this direction?