It seems like only days ago
a stranger walked into my life…
little eyes filled with fear and doubt;
afraid to meet their father’s “husband”.

But then, to both of our surprise,
the walls just seemed to melt away…
Replaced by deepening bonds of trust
and love that brightened each new day.

The time we spent together seemed
to fly away so rapidly,
Now you a mom and I a papa

And since that time I’ve often thought
and wished you mine so selfishly,
And dreamed the dreams most fathers do
that slip beyond reality.

For you have truly graced my life
as gently as the light of dawn.
And so your shadow will always be
in this place

If I could give you just one thing
to help you through the maze of years-
To find the path that suits you best
and keep you safe from hurts and fears-

It would be this…and this I’ll say,
“In years to come, I hope you see
To take as yours the smallest bit
of all the joy you’ve given me.”

For richness lies within the heart,
As true gifts do upon this earth…
So hold them dear, as I do you –
As if you’d been my own, from birth…