I teared up when I read this and wanted to share it with you.

As told in the Wizard of Oz

© 2009 by David Wainland

For Matthew

Grey shadow flows over leaves

Creatures of night awaken

Children cling to the TV

Chores ignored for now

“What do you want for dinner?”

A plaintive cry handed down

From mother to daughter

Throughout generations

No answer, they are trapped

By spurious creatures

Inhabiting a world

Of illustrated companions

“Turn it off, now!”

They do, but not before

The last character morphs

Slides into their open minds

Sponge Bob mischief

Settles in and takes over

“Crabby patties please, with

Jelly fish jelly and peanut butter”

She giggles he guffaws

The room ignites

Bright rainbow laughter

The sweetest sounds

Tomorrow I leave

Flying sadly south

Tonight we say goodbye

Half of me longs to stay

Later, I tell them a story

Learned from my father

“Do voices,” they beg

She cuddles close

He is quiet, reserved

Does not smile

As I embellish the tale

Loosing a barrage of sounds

Goodnight children

Slipping off to dreamland

Stoically I return to my room

Sad and missing them already

My door opens, he stands there

“Goodbye Poppy,” one lonely tear

I say as Dorothy to the Tin-Man

“I think I will miss you most of all.”