I have been sitting in my office all morning doing the work that I usually do except for one difference. I am finding myself jumping on the internet from time to time to see what else catastrophic is happening.

We just had another earthquake with the possibility of another Tsunami. This one has leveled a Hospital killing over 1000 people. What is happening? I think the earth is going through some growing pangs and we are about to go for a rough and long ride. I do not think we are exempt here either.

Just now I received an update that a 6.4 earthquake just hit the same area again. Last night one hit in New Mexico. What surprises me is the actual lack of coverage. Something is happening and I am wondering if it is being downplayed, to an extent, to prevent a panic?

I can understand that because panic and just add to the problems that could be coming. I wonder what the rest of the day will bring…