Consistency. These folk are not restless flashes in thepan—here today, gone tomorrow. Neither are they given to fads and gimmicks.Those who impact lives stay at the task with reliable regularity. They seemunaffected by the fickle winds of change. They’re consistent.
Authenticity. Probe all you wish, try all you like to findhypocritical flaws, and you search in vain. People who impact others are realto the core; no alloy covered over with a brittle layer of chrome, but solid,genuine stuff right down to the nubbies. They’re authentic.
Unselfishness. Mustn’t forget this one! Hands down it’sthere every time. Those who impact us the most watch out for themselves theleast. They notice our needs and reach out to help, honestly concerned aboutour welfare. Their least-used words are “I,” “me,””my,” and “mine.” They’re unselfish.
Tirelessness. With relentless determination they spendthemselves. They refuse to quit. Possessing an enormous amount of enthusiasmfor their labor, they press on regardless of the odds…virtually unconcernedwith the obstacles. Actually, they are like pioneers – resilient and rugged.They’re tireless.