What exactly makes for peace and why should we pursueit.  It’s such a simple word.  Peace is not simply the absence of conflict,whether it be personal or international. Peace is not simply tolerance of others, regardless of their beliefs,behavior, or attitudes.  In order to havepeace on a grand scale, it is necessary to have peace on a personal level.  Peace cannot be found in wealth.  It cannot be found in power.  It cannot be found in pleasure.  Our world is filled with miserable people whohave tried to find peace in all of these things.  True peace comes from our Creator.  However, we must seek it out.  Again, the world is filled with miserableChristians who thought that their Christian label would bring peace.  We are not promised wealth.  We are not promised power.  We are not promised a life filled withpleasure.  We are promised that the God,who created us and sent His Son to die on a cross for our sins, will give uspeace in the midst of our surroundings. Regardless of our position in life and the circumstances we findourselves in, if we can look to God Almighty and truly say, “It Is WellWith My Soul”, then we have found peace. May you and yours find peace. Enjoy