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You know, one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned so far, at least in my life, and I am pretty sure that it applies to all of you as well, is that it can be so totally and utterly miserable but mixed with MOMENTS of complete JOY and LOVE that it makes each and every second of our lives worth it all and so far outweighs any misery in our lives.

This misery that we must experience from time to time makes the joy and love so much more, does it not?!

Each of us are here, not for ourselves but for each other. We are here to help one-another. We are each here to love one-another and to help each other grow and to ensure that we each know what it means to feel the MOMENTS of complete joy and what it means to be human!!!

With that I say to each of you good night and God Bless and to all of those to whom you are connected…†Ω