You know, I was thinking. Yes, I do that even though my wife swears that I don’t. We all work day after day and we all seem to get stuck in ruts and we all start to get complacent in day to day life from time to time. Although,  there is a reason each day to get excited about life if we can stop for a moment and just look around. Take that moment each day and just be.

Forget the job, the bills, the current man-made struggles of our lives and of the world and see what really gets you excited. See what really matters most to you and what makes you, you each day. I bet that when you do this you will realize that a lot of things get you excited that you never realized. With this realization I bet as time goes on you will develop a more true outlook on life and get more excited about what it means to be human.

The feeling of excitement is an important part of being human. It means we get to generate feelings of joy and happiness and adrenaline and share it with those around us. That pumped up sensation courses through our veins, and we truly believe that we can take on the world. We feel that whatever it is that we’re doing, is the very reason why we were born.

What gets us excited? It could be anything in the world. For some, it may be complex things such as tackling a major project at work, or getting ready to live abroad. For others, it may be simple things like spending a romantic meal with your loved one, or reading a good book. No matter what it actually is, the key is that YOU get excited about it. Everybody gets excited about something, right?

In theory, “yes”, everybody does get excited about ‘something’, but look at the people around the streets and the towns, and you’ll see that this theory hasn’t quite worked out in practice. There are many miserable faces. There are many dejected souls. These people haven’t found excitement, and it’s sad to watch whole lives drift by like this but in the end no matter what I honestly that it is up to us as individuals.

So with that I ask you, what gets you excited about life?