Risk and reward calculation creates a very “safe” existence in most people’s heads, and lives I suppose. However, nothing can be discovered if one tries too hard to evaluate one’s next decision too much. If you allow yourself some grace and spontaneity when confronted by a decision, maybe even let your guard down a little…the right decision appears in front of you readily, simply because it wasthere all the time. When this happens, the words, “It feels or felt right” follows suit. What is right for you may seem not right later, or seem “right” according to others, but if you spend your whole life writing pro’s and con’s sheets, you miss life in more ways than one. Tomorrow has not happened yet, neither has an hour from now….

Everyone is guilty of mulling some sort of event in their mind’s eye, twisting and squeezing it, molding it into a perfect situation that is replayed over and over again, with minor details continuously added or taken away. This can go on for days, weeks even, or longer still. Be it asking that special someone out, or going to a club or party, or performing, or speaking, it happens to us all. Expectations and reality.

There’s a certain point where you’ve mulled it over for the umpteenth time, and something will happen. Either you will think, ‘Damn, it’s about time to do this!’ or ‘Too bad it’ll never happen. I can only dream.’ If you have the fortitude to go through with what you want, the eve of that point would be the perfect time to dive headfirst into your desires. In terms of doing what is right, I think the same rules apply. But in all honesty, you shouldn’t wait around to do something right. Do what is right for you and those connected to you now, this minute and this day…

With this I ask you, when is it time for YOU to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right? †Ω