Well my friends, as you can tell I have been very busy today. Even with a blog import option I have a lot of what I have written still on Facebook and I am attempting to go through everything one by one to make sure that I do not miss anything. I do indeed have so much to share with each of you.

As much as I would love to keep going today and writing I am a bit tired, so this will be my last post for the evening. Well, at least I say that now. I will probably change my mind later. Either way, below “may” be my last post tonight. I do hope you have enjoyed reading my blog today…

Each day all of us go through emotional ups and downs and sometimes these emotions catch us off guard, do they not? Have you ever wondered why we do this? It’s because no matter how you were raised, no matter what you may believe and no matter what societal status you may be in, we are all spiritual beings weather or not you believe in a God.You cannot change what we are but because of what we are we are all affected by the emotions, thoughts and expressions of others more than the words we speak.Each day we are affected because we sense others because we are all connected. That is why each day we should each strive to awake with a positive outlook on our own individual lives.

Think positive and happy thoughts, feel them, show them and it becomes a reality not just for you but for those you come into contact with each and every day. Could you image what the world would be like if the whole of humanity did this?

Tomorrow when someone responds to you in a negative way respond in a positive way and push aside their negative and I can almost guarantee that it will change them and increase your own well-being.

With that I ask you, is it possible to show love without saying a word?

Goodnight and God Bless each of you as always!! †Ω