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How many of you just go to work and come home and repeat the same thing day in and day out? We all do that to an extent. What makes the difference is that one can do this and just exist or one can do this and live. What makes that difference? YOU!

YOU are the key to your own life. We all have to work, we all have to do things to survive in today’s world but it’s how we do it and what we do and see in the time in between. 

Do you spend time with your family and friends? Do you take time each day to be thankful for everything you have? Do you ever just stop and just watch the life around you. If you’re living I feel that you’re doing this. If not, I am afraid that you may just be existing. Do you worry about what you have in material positions and trying to compete with your friends or neighbors? That is just existing…

With that I ask you; For you, what is the difference between living and existing? †Ω