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After watching the news last night and the Presidential Candidates I started thinking.

To make any change in a country begins with one person. Each country reflects the inner peace or turmoil of its mass population, and so as one person changes they affect the rest of the population. One person has the power within them to bring massive change to their country through immense love and peace within themselves. But we cannot bring about peace and well-being to our country unless we have conquered that in our own life. You cannot give what you do not have.

Each person’s job is to bring utter harmony into their own life, and then they will become the greatest human gift for their country and the world.

After what I saw last night and what we have all been seeing with our “Leaders” it is my opinion that we, as a Nation, are really in trouble and our lives are on the cusp of changing more than we could have every imagined if we continue on the path I am seeing.

Just sayin…With that I wish each of you and your families and awesome day, in spite of how it may have begun our how you greeted your day. Each minute is a new minute and a new opportunity to make your day a great day.

Goodnight and God Bless each of you and all of whom that you are connected. †Ω