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Inside my crowded head chatters a committee

The voices whisper

The words are plenty


My committee of emotions roar

To confuse my mind

And tempt my soul


There is a man named Fool who boasts with pride

Another named Broken Hearted by his side

A woman chants skepticism across the room

An ogre shouts back whose name is Doom


An old wise man sits in a distant corner

And observes the sadness amongst the mourners

A young child calls out in fright

To a raging teen who is full of fight


A motherly soul softly soothes with her words

To calm the committee from their fears and hurt

Ego shouts from the head of the conference table

To the weakened soul who is unable


Hush to all an angel cries

With a gentle, sweet, exhaling sigh

Her words chased away the restless

The room was silent and all were speechless.

Poem by Mia Malone-Jennings