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We, as humans, have a tendency to cling onto wise words and thoughts about life, love and experience’s made by writers, world leaders, celebrities and superiors, simply because we are programmed to listen to what they have to say. The wisdom that is imparted to us from other unlikelier sources simply gets lost in translation more often than not. Listen to your life and those around you very closely.

When you read or hear something that inspires you from someone that is well known for whatever reason, keep in mind that wisdom is not collected, it is acquired. Learn from YOUR OWN enriching experiences and pay close attention to details of your own life. We are all our own best teachers in life.

Why is that you may ask? Well, think about it? You are the one that is experiences it. You are the only YOU. You are the only one affected by the events of your life based on your own thoughts and history. I can share every experience good and bad from my life but they will not have the same meaning for you because you are not me. You could do the same for me with the same result.

We can learn from others but when you listen to something that touches you or makes you stop and think, think of why it had that effect on you. Interpret it for you and take what you need from it and pass it on when you can.

With that I say goodnight to you all and God bless each of you and all of whom that you are connected. †Ω