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Humans are spiritual beings! To what extent we develop as spiritual beings depends not on “religion” but on our environment, upbringing, self-cultivation and above all, the age of our soul.  Humans that are “fully” developed as spiritual persons and live their lives on the spiritual plane on a 24 hour 365 day a year basis are exceptional indeed. Very few in human history have accomplished this. Prophets of ANY religion were spiritual beings in every sense of the world and of the word.  We seem to confuse and interchange the two terms “spirituality” and “religion”.  Many aspects overlap, not all religious people are spiritual and not all spiritual people are religious.

We as spiritual humans know that humans are more than our physical bodies and our awareness and knowledge are far greater than the sum total of information that is provided by our 5 maybe 6 senses. What is the highest of them? Intuition, the “intuit” sees and feels solutions and answers that are beyond reasoning and thinking.

I do honestly believe and KNOW with all that I am that we are more than our thoughts, memories, emotions and histories put together and when we all realize this we can truly transcend physical limitations. That is what we all do in human death. We return to our beginning.

We should all strive to be at peace with ourselves as well as all other living things and have a respect for it all. We should all feel secure in ourselves and be totally accepted as well as totally accept the loving force of just being of the Universe or God.

When we see each other we should see past what we see. The same force of life and knowing that flows in me flows in all living things, it flows in you. We all have a relationship with one another. We are all one. When we realize this we can see past hurtful acts or words and into the beauty of the soul. We should, each of us, strive to bring out the beautiful being that lies within each of us and we should show compassion and accept all life unconditionally. Our motives in life should be to do no harm and our actions be based on love and compassion for others and never expect a return.

If we each make this connection within ourselves first and then with others we will never be alone even in an empty room because you will feel this love and peace that is sent out by the Universe and God all of the time. When you feel this you will realize that there we are each indeed brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers to each other. We are responsible for each other. The definitions that we have put on ourselves in terms of creed, color, sex, nationality, religion and the like divide us all because we allow it to do so.

We should always seek divine guidance rather than to look outward for solution’s. Look within as you hold the answers for you. Show and feel compassion and love for all living things without any focus on faults or weaknesses. We should share our energy freely with others rather than to try to dominate one another. We should always strive to empower others in some way.

Know that there is a God or a superior intelligence. Seek it always and allow it to guide you always. Walk within its warmth and allow its light to guide you. Give nothing but positive to this world as you will receive it back to you tenfold.

Strive each day of your life to have some connection with the whole of the world and know that we are each part of a great plan. A divine plan so to speak. We each have a purpose on this earth and each are here to teach and to learn from and to one another.

Each day look in awe in all that you see and observe for nothing is possible without you that you see. Because of you someone is loved, someone is needed; someone is at peace because of YOU. Be grateful for every event in your life and of those around you for it was meant for you and those you are connected to, to learn from.

Make each day your best day!