Not much of a motivational post tonight but I did want to at least say goodnight. Had a good day personally with the HLS&R but Gwen was on my mind all day.

Please keep her in your prayers. She has had a really rough last few days and it is getting harder for her to do things that we all take for granted, like just sitting and getting up. I pray and pray and I focus all that I am on her. I cry when she cant see me so that I can be strong when she does. I would give my life to make her well. If it were only that simple.

I do know that she will never have to worry as I will carry her when she can not stand, I will be there to catch her when she falls and I will cry when she cant. I pray that none of this comes to pass but I am ready for what ever the Universe has in-store for the both of us. This is my response to it. To be there, to be strong and to move forward for the both of us and to never blame or find fault in life for all of this makes us who we are and stronger.

She has 2 more chemo treatments left then it will just be wait and see from that point. So I ask that each of you please pray for her. If you happen to not believe in a God then I ask that you at least send a positive thought her way.

Now it is time for sleep. I wish each of you a great Sunday with family and as always, God Bless each of you and all of whom that you are connected to. †Ω