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When we first learn that there is something more as well as our own individual thoughts guiding our lives it is a defining moment. We notice that everything was an effect in our lives and that most of the experiences were guided not by others but by our thoughts and reactions to things around us. We chose the path we took and it was only us.

In one moment we realize that we have been the cause for the good and the bad but when its good we accept it as our doing but when it was bad we blamed others for the pain and the suffering. We then begin to realize that our future is up to us and that every possibility can be seen and realized and that we have the ability to change anything in our life as well as the lives of those around us. We see that we can do this through our thoughts and our feelings.

This world that we live in and that we have made though, with all of the special effects of people, events and circumstances can really be a very distancing place if we as individuals do not keep focused on our thoughts and responses to the things that happen to us and around us. If we allow this we can fall right back into all of the negativity and all that we now know can be lost and slip right out of our hands.

Take a minute each morning and each night and think to yourself about your responses to the events of you day and your life. What decision did you make in response? Did you blame someone? If any of it was negative now is the time to change it. Think of it differently now and respond in a positive way for the benefit of you and of those around you. Then see how you lives can change a little each day.