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We can all learn from tragedy if we choose to do so. It is up to you and I each day. The following is my opinion alone but I do believe that we can each learn from the action of others no matter the history.

Every day there are many untimely deaths that happen all around us. Each day any of us can be affected by this and each day, 9 times out of 10, these deaths could have been avoided.

Recently, as you all know, there has been another school shooting. We can sit back and blame and hate and do whatever that makes us “feel better”. Or we can open our eyes and learn from this as we should have time and time again.

We cannot always blame the school, a teacher or the parent. What we can do is blame our society and what we have allowed it to become. Bad things happen each day all over the world and have been since the beginning of time. What has changed is that we really do not care as a society. Yes we will cry, we will yell but in a few weeks nothing will have changed.

Children will still be bullied and continue to bully. Parents will continue to go on blind to what their child is doing or going through and teachers and school administrators will turn a blind eye to keep their jobs or to be politically correct until something happens yet again.

When things like the last set of school shootings in Ohio happen we are all touched or at least should be in some way. For me I have children close to the same age so it hits close to home. I have friends that live in Ohio as well. Even if it did not affect you directly if you’re like me you stopped a few more seconds today and maybe hugged your child a bit longer and a bit tighter, maybe you held you wife or husband a bit longer before you left for work or when you got home.

How can we as a whole learn from and deal with loses like this weather or not we are directly affected? The school itself will have councilors and a flagpole memorial. Speeches’ will be made and prayers whispered. Friends will honor the fallen and will grieve and they will move on as we all will and this will, as sad as it is, become yet another memory where we take it for granted that it was not us.

The children will continue to bully and be bullied and then again one day this will happen again somewhere else.

We can change this you know. We can take ownership and stand up for what is right. We can listen to our kids and be an active part in their day to day lives. We can get nosey and watch what they do online and see what is being said. We can talk to them each day and reach out for them. We can work with schools and demand that they take action when a child asks for help in any way before they reach a breaking point.

What this boy did was so very wrong and so very sad but in the end he did what any living animal would do when cornered. He fought back the only way he knew to do and lashed out. He was forced to return to school each day to an environment that was not a good one for him individually. He had asked for help but was told that unless someone saw something there was nothing that could be done. When it was online he was told that it was freedom of speech and too bad.

Solutions are really simple. Be a parent, be a leader be a friend and above all do what is right for our children. Listen and then act for them. Stop things before they go too far.

I can sit here and write what I think we could do, that is easy. The hard part is actually doing something. Instead of taking it for granted do something. If we don’t it will never be alright and it will happen again.

If you’re a teen think about how good a friend you are or even better, how good of a human are you. Do you allow things like bullying to happen in front of you. Do you stand up when you know something is wrong and right it? Do what you know in your heart is right when you witness anyone being bullied. Stop it report it whatever  you have to do. For if you do you may just save someone’s life in the end.

Each of you, parents, teachers, administrators, office workers and custodians alike, SPEAK UP and report something you feel is wrong. You are never too educated, under educated, too rich or too poor to do what is right. It could be your friend’s life, your life or even the life of the one doing the bullying.

Do what is right by the memories of those who have been lost by learning from what happens and prevent it from happening again.