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“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” ~Charles R. Swindoll

Do you remember as a child watching a chrysalis in its cocoon? You watched intently before and after it emerged as a butterfly. As you know, this is a metamorphosis or a transformation.

If you remember witnessing this you will remember that it has to struggle a lot before it releases itself to be the beautiful creature that it was meant to be. If you have never seen this I recommend that you do.

This process that they go through is a very long and painful process. While watching you may be tempted to clip the outer covering of the chrysalis. And you might be thinking that you’re doing it a favor but then when it finally emerges you would be very disappointed.

The covering holds in its shell vital liquids that are critical to the formation of its wings. But your single act of kindness deprives it of that and as a result what emerges is crippled, deformed and in pain and not at all what it was meant to be.

If you could have just been patient and waited and just watched this change take its course and without any intervention from your side, you would have witnessed one to the most beautiful miracles of nature and one of life’s best lessons.

Each of our lives is really a journey to this same metamorphosis, to find our sense of purpose in life. None of us can achieve this without the difficult situations or the pain that life often brings in extreme doses.

In the process of our lives, each of us, has to let go of a dream, compromise and experience pain and emotions from one extreme to another that an undesirable change can bring. But looking back, it never meant and end to all of our dreams.

I graduated college with dreams to help the world as a journalist and to tell the stories of man, to fight for the week and justice where there was none. I felt myself fortunate with my life experiences and military and college education.

I began work with the L.A Times when I first got out of the Marine Corps with really zero expectations as to financial rewards because all I wanted to do was to make a difference. But life had other plans for me, as it always does.

A few months down the line, I quit my job and came back home due to lack of work ethics. I was asked to report on things and put a spin on them that hurt people rather than help them. I could not and would not allow myself to be manipulated for what I knew was right. Some consider that a weakness but not I. I thought at the time that this was the end of a long cherished dream.

I was disappointed as were some of my family and when you don’t have the support that you feel you need from your loved ones at times like this, it hurts. I had to stand up for myself and what was right as I have done so many times since then. I thought, at that time, all I wanted was gone forever.

Yet, during those few months, I learned everything I possibly could about being a journalist outside of books, about being a writer and how to be a writer for me.

All was not lost, I came home and started working in a completely different field in the oil and chemical industry. I knew that I could write and write from my heart and make a difference just not on the scale I was dreaming of.

Over time I focused on writing for me and no one else as I worked and provided for my family. As technology advanced I found that I had outlets now available to me that I never had before for my writing. As time went on I became more liberated the more I wrote and shared via blogging. I have been lucky enough to have done well in the Oil and Chemical Industry so all I write I do for nothing more than to share and to help and for me. I have never profited from what I write but I feel like I am more successful than I ever could have been.

My heart is at peace because I am doing something I enjoy and I am staying true to my hearts calling. I did not realize it before, but this transformation or metamorphosis I was headed to all along, I just needed to allow myself time to emerge, like the butterfly.

The seemingly impossible situation I was once in could have plunged me into hopelessness, but looking back now I remember the chrysalis and going through the struggle to emerge the beautiful and purposeful person I am now and was meant to be and I know that I am not done yet.

Every bad experience, painful relationship, and compromise you’ve ever made in good conscience will somehow transform into a beautiful inner reservoir of spiritual gifts and blessings.

Life wants you to take notice of three things when you’re going through a difficult time that may seem eternal:

Trust life. There’s a higher purpose behind every seemingly impossible and difficult phase. You’ve just got to hang in there and know that it’s for the best.

Change. If you find yourself feeling bad a lot more often than not, take time out to reflect on whether or not you’re happy deep down with what you’re doing.

Believe. Believe in yourself, even if the world around you doesn’t. If you don’t, who will?

Hold onto what you believe in. You’re meant to emerge as a beautiful butterfly from your chrysalis. Always remember that, with a smile, and give yourself a chance to delight and revel in the mysterious workings of the universe.