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Good morning to you all. I wish you a great morning and day.

Respond to everything today in a positive way, for your response can effect you and those around you. Remember that for the most part no one is out to hurt you, bother you or annoy you but are there for you, so respond to all you interact with in a positive way.

Your days are directed by these responses, make them positive for you and all of those to whom you come into contact with.

Each day without even realizing it, we each search for meaning even if for a brief second.

We look outward for it; we look at other people or things for it the whole while overlooking our own hearts.

Listen to it now for it tells you always what you need to know and guides you to the meaning you’re searching for through your feelings.

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected. †Ω