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I hope that you each had a great day today with a few moments to carry with you. Tonight before you sleep I want you to look around you and see who is there with you or for you and has always been. Then think of what life would or could be like without them. Do you take them for granted? If you think you do, STOP. Tell them you love them and are grateful for them.

Life goes on day after day, if we are lucky, with or without your permission. People move on, most without caring that they left you behind. But a quality few stay and those are the ones that matter and the ones that make your life complete.

Life can be completely serene or the most chaotic thing you have ever experienced. It can make you cry until you cheeks are raw, or smile until you cheeks burn. Most of the time, life is an awesome thing, sometimes not so much so but then we look at the ones who have stayed and have always been there by our side. With them we defeat our fears. With them we learn to forgive, to love and to live life the way it’s meant to be lived, if we allow it.

Good night and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected. †Ω