Humility is a tough thing to get. The minute you think you got, you lose it. That is until all things seem lost. I constantly write and communicate with you about what it means to be human and about always paying it forward. You see I live my life in this way and I write only of what I know. No matter who we are at one point in our lives we all need help but for some it is a hard thing to do as it is for me now. I have been watching my wife disappear before my eyes the last few years and we have done everything we could do to no avail.

She has what is called CIDP and it is a very rare disease, 1 in 100K, with very limited treatments. The end result can be death. We have exhausted all treatments but one. Stem Cell replacement in Chicago. This is still in clinical trials but she meets the criteria and this is our last hope. So far they have had a good success rate of putting the disease into remission.

We live in Houston, Texas and as you can guess it will be financially difficult for us as we have 5 children and a daughter getting married this year and a son gradating next year. The treatment means we will have to live in Chicago for up to 3 months and of course all that we have made is going to our children and home and has gone for the treatment of my wife.

I am asking each of you that read this to click on the blow link to my wife’s donation page to help us cover the costs and to pay if forward to us. If you can not donate, we ask for your prayers and thoughts.

We do thank you either way and God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected.