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So, what is the importance of listening? Okay then, here is my thoughts.

One of the reasons I started writing when I was a child, was to share MY limited thoughts and MY limited knowledge with the world. They are not so limited any more. I like the fact that people can read it, or not! They are not forced to respond, comment or even agree with it but more often than not I see that a lot benefit from it in some way.

But just the fact that I am the one writing, not reading – doesn’t mean I still don’t have to listen. I think the fact that I have this outlet, allows me to better listen to others rather than waiting for my turn to speak. And I mean, REALLY listen to someone and read between the lines.

Regardless of whether people are right or wrong, we each have a responsibility to listen to them. If we don’t fulfill this responsibility, how can we expect others to listen to us?

If we want to really be heard we need to focus on listening carefully to others and not just speak.

Never undervalue what any person says to you. The universe speaks to us through all people and shows us the connections and the Universal map of our lives as a whole. You may think that things happen at random but I don’t believe so. I believe that all things are for a purpose and we each have a part to play in the purpose.

With that, I wish each of you a great day filled with a moment or two to carry with you. God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to. †Ω∞