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When you finally overcome

You will tell your story.

On each page,

Will be all the colors of your existence and ours.

Each letter will contain your burdens,

Each cry will contain you soul.

Stained from cover to cover.

Grief-stricken over and over.

When you finally overcome

You will live each day disencumbered.

Barren by the pains of the past.

Unchanged by the damnation of the former.

You will move on without assistance

Let go without indecisiveness

When you finally overcome

You will love without question.

Tell your new story of renewed passion

Sing praises of your redemption

You will adore,

You will grow,

You will let things be,

You will make a difference in all life and even in mine.

When it is

You finally overcome.

But for this moment you lay abeyant in pain.

Lost within your nightmare.

Willing to break free of this torturous awareness.

Until that day you will not be free.

Until that day, your want is not enough

Until that day I will guide you,

 Until that day…My Gwen