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You ever notice that everyone worries about catching the flu, cold or whatever is going around at any given time? No one wants to get sick of course or lose work because of an illness. Besides that, who wants to feel like crap? Most people due to this fear take the proper precautions to keep from getting sick. Usually people will stay away from those who are sick or contagious.  This whole time people are preoccupied with it they are letting a more destructive and life altering thing into their system and it slips right under their nose. What is it you ask? It is NEGATIVITY!

“Who cares” you ask? “I don’t care” you say. You should care more than you think.  I am guessing that about 60% of the population is negative thinkers. I came up with that number based on the people that I work with and associate with out of necessity. If you did not already know it, negative thinking and energy has an immense impact on your physical, spiritual and emotional health.  It also has an impact on your surroundings and those connected to you. It can affect your financial life as well as the path of your life itself. Have you ever noticed that you can be in the best mood and then someone or something blindsides you and your day goes south like a rocket headed to earth.  You allowed something external, an emotion, a word or event to change the direction of your happiness .  Take it a step further, you get home and then you say something out of frustration to you family and then you have done the same to them. You change the course of their day and really of their life for the rest of the night. This happens so often that to me it is astounding that we do not notice it more often. The reason you should care is that because of all this negative thinking and energy does indeed affect all aspects of your life and on the lives of those to whom you are connected.

What can you do about it? Again it all comes back to being aware of it and how it can affect others. You have the choice each day to be influenced by others or not. You can let the negative enter you and then you can pass it on or you can decide NO MORE!

Again I go back to the news, if you are like me you are probably sick and tired of watching all of the negative stories day in and day out. I have somewhat given up on the news. I very rarely watch it and I never read a newspaper. Every time you hear something it is bad, Obama has done something else, the stock market responds just like we do to something negative and plunges, more death, more children hurt, money stolen, someone murdered. I don’t want to hear it anymore!!!

As you know there are earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and a multitude of other natural disasters and with family and friends all over the place I do keep up with those aspects. If you think about it even if you never watched the news again you would still hear about it. How you wonder?  Well it goes back to negativity being passed on and contagious. How many times have you noticed that someone will share something terrible that happened before they share something positive?

I can guarantee that something bad is on the news so why watch it in the first place. It is the nature of the Universe for this to happen every second of every day.

I challenge you now to do this; make it a point to limit your news each day. Set up a Google reader account and you select the stuff you want to read, as I do.  There are so many positive things that happen around you each day, around your city and around the world. Search for it and see the good for what it is, good. Over time I promise that you will come to realize that there is actually more good news in this world than bad.

Read positive magazines and books. Negativity is as common to us as a society that we accept it. Do not accept it anymore and change it.

What you focus on has an effect on your whole human system. What you think, believe your will make yourself see and feel and believe wither or not it is factual or not. Our world is really not as scary as we have made ourselves believe. I promise you that.  Life itself is not meant to be scary. It is meant to help, share and love and to learn. I have so much in my life as I am sure you do that I would like to focus on in a positive way rather than in a negative light.

Spend your spare time laughing, talking with family and friends, reading good books, writing, volunteering for a cause that your feel passionate for and actually making that bucket list and acting upon it.

Enjoy your life and be positive in all that you do. I will change you and those around you. I GUARENTEE IT!!!