I love my wife, my Gwen…

CIDP - Our Journey to Stem Cell Transplant

This is Donnie and I am writing for me tonight. I have been staring at a blank word document page for what seems like hours, the blinking cursor mocking my very existence as I struggle to put into words the emotions I feel and the thoughts that I have for my family , my wife and myself and of my loathing of CIDP and the journey we must all take together.

I have noticed over the last weeks that so many people say sorry, say prayers and say that they wish that they could do something but they don’t. That is fine and I understand. It is human nature to worry only when one is affected by an event and not someone else.  I do not get bitter and I will not. The words we receive do indeed mean so much to us.

I guess when I see so many…

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