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Are you happy? If you are great and if you are not happy, then why not?

What is the reason for happiness? Why do people become happy and why do people become sad? When does not take a lot of strength to be happy you know. Many of us have the wrong idea of what being happy is and many of us believe that being happy at the worst moments of our lives is near to impossible. This way of thinking is not correct. And you can be happy as long as you think it, feel it and see it, as long as you want to be happy. Again, it comes down to you and how you think and respond to life.

Can you, thinking back, remember what the reasons were for your happiness or your sadness? Think and dwell on it a bit, after that bit you may realize that it is your response to events that make you sad. It hurts you and those around you.

We must learn to respond to ALL situations lightly, as much as we can. We can all learn to respond and to back away from sadness. Yes, we must all deal with it from time to time. We cannot wipe it away. We just have to learn to respond to it and to be aware of it and what makes us unhappy and make the changes that we need to make and when we need to make it.

Over time if you look for the good that is hidden within the bad things in you life, it is there, you will begin to make these situations more positive. You will one day begin to feel this happiness during the most negative of times. I promise that it is not easy, it was not for me by any means but I have done it and you can to.

Whatever is going on in your life at this very second it is up to you, it is your choice! You cannot always be responsible for what is happing in your environment but are you taking the event into you as your responsibility to learn from it and to make it a positive one?

When you are sad you are indeed sad for a reason. I experience sadness like you do. People are not always sad at the same time that are around us because it is you that is going through the experience and this experience is for you. It is for you to learn from and to grow.

It, again, is how we respond to our lives and the events and the lessons that our lives teach each of us individually. Turn you negativity into positive and stay the course.

Nothing on this earth on in this life can make you sad unless you allow it to.

You are the only creator of your life and we bring our own inabilities into focus unless we learn that life is that, life. We are each here to learn, to grow, to share, to love, to be happy and to give of ourselves.

Don’t rely on other people or events to make you happy. Walk away when you need to from unhappy things until you have time to think and to respond in a positive way.

When we are unhappy we continue to respond with negativity and we then affect this on those that we are connected to and it ripples throughout humanity.

We are each the reason for happiness and sadness. It is your life and your choice so if you stop and think about it, how can you or how would you allow anyone to be the reason, especially yourself, the reason for you happiness or unhappiness?

Give no one the chance to be the reason for your happiness or unhappiness. You are you and they are them. Your very one intelligent mind, over time, will help you  to understand and to learn from these events. Give yourself, your mind and your soul the chance to be happy without the external events or “needs”. When you do this you begin learn and then you can share with you learn by your response. Others will see this and learn as well.

When you live your life expecting things to work out in your way, with your expectations, no one benefits. It is the expectations that bring us down. Expect nothing and take in all.

You are the reason and the only reason for happiness in your life. You make the changes you need to as long as they are for good to continue to be happy. When you do this you affect all of those to whom you are connected and over time all of those around you become happy as well. It depends on how you take what happens to you. It is up to you to respond to your life for the better and it is all up to your point of view.

From this day forward blame yourself for your unhappiness. This is your first step. Whatever the event or situation may be blame yourself. Then think of the positive that it can bring. For example you lose your job and your income. You are then mad at the world and at everyone else. You have lost sight of the bigger picture. You eventually find another job and this job leads to better income and experience. Overtime you move higher that you wuld have and make more money that you would have in your job that you lost. So if you spent time being unhappy was it not wasted? This goes back to being negative. It all serves no purpose other than to bring you and others around you down.

Control you expectations and your thoughts. When you make it through, if you think about it, you have so much more to be happy for fore you learned so much more. You fulfilled your expectations and then some!

Often, you will see people to say ” You have made me cry “, ” You have broken my trust “. Why did you give them the opportunity to hurt you? You are the ultimate owner of your life and your mind. Others cannot control you without your permission. Work on yourself, not on others. Stop expecting and do everything as your responsibility. You will automatically discover your unique way to be happy even at the worst moment of life.

Live your life according to you and the laws of good.