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Tonight I am deviating a bit from writing the 21 days. My wife, Gwen and son, Jake, are taking a mini vacation to Canyon Lake for a few days.

We so need this. It is so nice to be able to just be and to get away from our daily routine and stress of our every day life. I have always known this but this just solidifies the fact that we all need a place to be and to relax.

Image hearing nothing but the sounds of nature. The birds and the animals of the night and then the stars! The stars are so bright and you can see so much more. You then realize how connected we are to life and to each other and not the jobs, the bills and the responsiblities of the life we have made.

Today we have done nothing but just be. I have done nothing but think of me and who I am and who I am to be. I have thought of my family and of how much I love them.

I have also had an internal awakening and have decided that after I get my first book published I will soon begin the next. I will then move my family to this part of Texas and write full time and be. I will write for others and help all whom I can when I can with words and with actions.

This is who I am and meant to be. I have always know it, felt it but forgot it. I remember it now and I will never forget.

Remember tonight who you wanted to be years ago. Where did it go? What happened? You can still be who you intended to be no matter who you are or what you do.

It is always up to YOU!