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I posted the below earlier this week on my FB page and thought it was worth sharing here tonight. Please pay attention to the random connections in your life that happen each day. Something is always to be shared:
So Funny..I go outside to smoke a cigar and there is 5 guys out there drunker than a skunk. They are here for a wedding and were having a good time. I started talking to them and they gave me a bottle of Whiskey and a 6 pack of beer. HAHA. I had to chug the last few inches of the last bottle of Seagram’s.
We continued talking and the guy that is getting married tells me his wife has been sick and with the same symptoms as Gwen. I tell him our story and he gives me a big hug and asks for information about Northwestern. He had no idea and they are from Kansas. He is calling them tomorrow after the wedding.
Remember I always speak of the connections and moments in life. We each need to be open to them. He and his future wife would have never known about the opportunity here. Talk to people when you feel directed to do so. I promise that amazing things will happen.
Off to sleep and I wish you a great night and as always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to.