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My book is now available in paperback. You can click on the cover to get to Amazon:The whole of my life up to this point I have been watching, been learning and have been planning. I have been watching the events of my life and the events in the lives of others. I have been making mental notes on the cause and the effect of our lives and the way our lives are all connected. I have seen how lives of total strangers are connected and how one can affect the other and never meet. I have been learning not from my mistakes alone but from the mistakes of others including my mother and my fathers. Yes I said fathers. During this time I have been planning in a way to document what I learn for others in a way that can help them. That is way I started writing and why I post what I do on Facebook, Twitter and G+. If I can touch one that touch can go to another and then another and will continue for eternity. We see this touch each day. Great leaders, philosophers, scholars, prophets and writers since the beginning of our time affect us today. Think of Jesus, Mohammad, Gandhi and Mandela. We feel their touch today. These “lessons” that I have learned I write down for you to read and to think about how these apply to you. I will share things with you like how to love unconditionally, how to love yourself, how to change, how to help others and the why of it all. Please share what you read here where you can and you to will begin to see the connections.