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Received my first Book Review yesterday. Just wanted to share:
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This review is from: Book of Answers – Lessons and Moments of Life (Kindle Edition)

“I was looking for a new book for my kindle. This book on Amazon caught my eye,so I down loaded the book. I started reading and I really started connecting to the author. The book was easy on the eyes and the words just started flowing . I start reading page after page and then the words started changing my mind set. The author discusses his pain from his childhood and I think that is what makes the pages come to alive. He starts talking about how you as a person can change your own situation with postive thinking. He talks about how negative thoughts can grow into a pandoras box and then it is hard to shut the box. People have what I call energy vampires. These people sucked all the postive energy out of your life. It is hard but he says , it is time to let them go. Only surround yourself with those who care about you. Fear , is what keeps us from our destiny. The pages are full of tips on how to break free and be the person you should have always been. There is so much more , but I do not want to spoil it for the reader. A book worth reading and a book to keep for years to come. I will be buying the hard copy as well. I hope the book blesses you like it did me.”