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Using positive thinking, doing the right things and thinking the right things will produce the kind of life that is an example to all. It will be an encouragement to those around you and an example that they can follow. Watching your confident living will help those with negative tendencies to change the way they think. If it changes the course of their lives you have done a great thing. Being careful of the things we say also will manifest how we act. Our conversation should be complimentary and uplifting. Remember, it is our response and reactions that do define us.

Being tolerant of others is another advantage of being confident. We will not always be treated in the manner that is right. We are not responsible for the negative way that people treat us, but we are responsible for how we react to it. A positive person will realize that sometimes people are a product of their environment. Maybe they didn’t have all of the advantages that you did. The right thing to do is to act in a positive way.

It is always positive to think of others. Contributing in positive ways leads to an eternal happiness.

This happiness leads to more connections in our lives and more moments that go with us forever.