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I was reading in the news about how a major intersection is still closed for updating/expanding.

This made me think about the people who pass through that intersection on a daily basis. They must now detour around those streets to get to the same places they usually go.

This is what life is like and the experiences we have. Sometimes we hit roadblocks and have to detour around to get to our destination.

Yes, it can be frustrating but just think of the new and different things and places you will see and experience. its how we view the world that makes the journey worth it.

Life’s detours happen to put us on a different path and although we may not understand, it does so for a reason. We may not have seen it yet, but maybe that previous path was dangerous or unhealthy or just not for you. Maybe it was not really taking us where we wanted to go. Or maybe it was not OUR path but someone else’s that we were following.

Let’s look at life’s detours as new and exciting adventures and opportunities.

Goodnight and God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to