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Time to say goodnight to you all. I hope your days was YOUR day. As usual before I go a thought on how to make someones day tomorrow and in-turn, making it yours and you both feel goo in the process. It is all about the connections and how we react to them and most of all what we each pass to one another.

You know, I am always shocked at how much a truly humble person can improve my day. Their inner warmth seems to radiate outwards and makes you feel protected and comfortable. Humility is truly a great quality. Let me give you an example:

The other day I went to the company “cafeteria” to buy a breakfast taco and the man serving me was extremely humble. He asked about my day, thanked me for my business and took my money with two hands. I had my company hard hat on and just got off of a teleconference that went really well and I was walking around with my nose up a bit too much, now that I look back. Then I met this humble man and was brought back down to Earth. He was quite old and had obviously had a hard day’s work. But he treated me with respect, as I imagine he does with all people that he meets.

The man’s humility really touched me and reminded me that big business doesn’t mean anything if you don’t treat people with love and respect. When you are humble you are more likely to treat people well and this makes them smile.

One thing that my Dad taught me very early in life is to make eye contact. When one makes eye contact you are more open to the emotional flow that goes between each of us and it helps to show who you REALLY are.

Looking people in the eyes is a good habit to develop. It shows trust and demonstrates that you are truly trying to engage the person. When you show someone that you are trustworthy you make them feel good. This is particularly true of business related meetings. People want to know that they are dealing with a trustworthy person and as such looking someone in the eyes will improve their day.

God bless each of you as always and all of those to whom you are connected.