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It is that time again where I say goodnight to you. I hope that you each had your best day today and I wish you a peaceful sleep. Gwen, Jake and I are headed out to the lake and cabin tomorrow for the weekend, which means no TV or internet (I am bringing my HOTSPOT) but for the most part it’s just us and nothing.

The other night I wrote that, I would be asking a few questions that we should all ask ourselves each day. So tonight, I am asking you another one.

What could you have done better today?

What lessons can you learn from the day’s experiences? What mistake did you make that you will avoid in the future? How could you have handled a situation or conversation better?  When you identify these, think about what ways to improve in this area in the future. What are they?

Again, you don’t have to comment but remember that connections and the sharing of these connections and moments can benefit others.

Goodnight and always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be!