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Good afternoon, it has been a busy day today but a good day. I hope that your days are going equally well. Remember it’s up to you to respond in a way to all things to make it a good day.

I drive pretty much the same route to work each morning. This can mean mentally shifting into autopilot and getting to work without much thought about the drive. I actually passed the entrance this morning.

We often do things with narrow vision, in our routine, without really “seeing” what is going on around us. Routine can make us into robots, and we do not always recognize this. Robots do not know they are robots, after all. However, our true self, God and the Universe has no desire for us to go about life as robots, not peering beyond the blinders that keep us honed in on the task at hand.

This morning, stopped at a traffic light, I inadvertently looked up, and what caught my eye was a bright sky with a long, white, wispy cloud stretching across the blue dome. It jolted me out of my norm. I realized that morning after morning I just looked straight ahead at the frustrating traffic before me, never gazing heavenward to see that the world was bigger than my commute and bigger than anything I will ever do as a human. I will pass from this body but what I see goes forever.

You may or may not know it but I do meditate each day. I do try to notice the small things, the connections and the moments. I would not speak of them if I did not. We should all take a moment each day to look down on ourselves from above to see what is going on.

To see the joy and the sorrow that surrounds us as we drive by each day. We should see life, death, the hatred, and the peace making. See if from Gods eyes if you will. From your perspective it is just you and your surroundings but in reality there is so many things happening under that same blue sky.

Take a moment today and notice LIFE.

God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be.