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As usual, it is that time where I say good night and Gods speed. I wish you each a peaceful sleep and that you awake with a happy and open heart.

Over the last week, I have been doing a lot of thinking as well as noticing many connections. The kind of connections that I speak of that can make a difference. I have also notice quite a few missed connections.

You may not know by how I write or by what I say, I am somewhat a loner by choice. I watch and I listen a lot and I learn. I have my moments though and I make these connections when I need or when someone else needs. Therefore, my personal connections are limited and I guess in the grand scheme of things for a reason.

For the majority personal connections are key to people at the end of their lives – and throughout life. The happiest people and other individuals I know are surrounded by people they love – family, friends, even colleagues. They know how to form a bond to last a lifetime as do I but limited by choice and necessity.

They made and make these connections throughout their lives and stay in touch, reaching out, listening with empathy and love, celebrating each other’s successes. When you have, these connections hold on to them. I have myself let some of my best friends go because of my own conscious decisions to do so but at times I wish I had not.

At the end of your life it is these connections that will mean more to you than any other thing on earth. It will not be what you did or what you own, it will be your friends and your family along with all of your moments.

When I die, I will probably be lucky to have a handful of people show up but that is fine for I get emails each day thanking me for what I say and for sharing what I believe we should be to one another. For saving a life of one was fixing to take with their own hand. For one discovering the words to what one felt or discovering the words to speak to someone else, so that in itself makes and will make my life an accomplishment along with the love and respect of my family as it should you. Hold on to your friendships and make those connections.

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected. ☧