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This is to all of your parents out there. Did you know that you are the beneficiary of a great honor? You have the privilege of giving and guiding life, the gift of some of the greatest teachers that have ever lived. Who is this you ask? IT IS YOUR CHILDREN!

Over the last five years, I have learned so much. One of my greatest teachers in the whole of my life has been my granddaughter! want to share just a portion of what Gwen and I have both learned in hopes that you will not have to “learn” it as well. This message is mainly for you parents that have yet to be blessed with a grandchild yet have been blessed with yours. All of you know that I seem to write a lot about moments and connections. These two subjects mean so much to you as a parent and many of you fail to see them, as you should. I did!

As parents, regardless of age, tend to spend so much time working to provide for our families and then putting our children in way too many events we fail in just being with them as a parent. I have learned that we can do everything for them and give them all they desire and we have to work and sacrifice to keep it going we miss so much even when we are right next to them. We miss those life moments and so many of them.

Looking back on my own children’s childhood, I remember the coaching the dances the plays the events and the vacations but it is so hard to remember many moments that I know were there. I worked shift work when they were young and lots of overtime to provide for them and for my wife. I know they are thankfully but as I watch our granddaughter I see in her the things is should have seen in my own children. I do see it but not the same way. I was too busy to take the time, my time and their time to just be with them.

To watch them in slow motion as I do Becca, to stare at them as they do nothing and everything. I took and take nothing for granted at all I just wish that we had slowed down to really enjoy the moments as we do now with Becca. We are so busy making a living to provide that we have no time to live to really give. So my advice to you is to slow down and enjoy the moments so you will remember them and so that they will remember them. Live your life with them, take the time to just be with them. Make the ultimate connections and moments with them and in the end you have it all and they will return this by remembering as well.☧