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I was thinking today about things I do each day to reaffirm that each day is indeed an excellent day. I was doing so due to some of the posts I have seen the last few days from a lot of you saying that life sucks, people suck and the new acronym FML.

It is this way to you, I believe, because you believe it to be so and you think it into reality. Remember that I always say it is up to you and life is and will be what you think it is or allow others to influence what you think it is.

Tomorrow try this if you will. I do this in my mind each day as I travel through my moments; Take a sheet of paper or use your text app on your phone and type, “Things are excellent today because __________!”. Write this with the blank at the end 10 times and as you go through your day I want you to fill in this blank.

I believe that when we look for and focus on the good and the excellent in life we attract more of the good towards us. They are all around us no matter the events. There is so much good and so many excellent things in each of our lives.

I met a man at the VA Hospital one time while outside smoking a cigar. I had forgotten this event until now. He was in a wheelchair, had no legs, and was missing his right arm. We talked for a minute and he said to me, “You know, life is great! I have lost my wife because she could not handle me this way but I still have the love of my children and because of them, I live my life in them. I have one good arm so I can still hug them and help them with homework. I can drive and I get the primo parking spots.” It is indeed all in how we look at life.

So take that above sentence, fill in the blank 10 times tomorrow, and see how much good is around you that you never see. Feel free to share it.

With that, I say to you, good night and God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be! ☧