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Music, memories, love and connections! Each of these is bound to one another. Each of these is one because of the others.

I say this because when you hear a song, a melody or even a voice it can trigger so much of our past. The good and the bad. Music, I think, is the language of our souls. The sounds connect each of us.

Long ago I had an experience that showed me this. There were no words but only sounds, thought and feelings and what was heard and communicated were so much more than any word. It just was! Thought and feeling was everywhere. Then the music. I call it music of the Cosmos! The language of the soul. I look forward to that again one day!

Why am I writing this? Well it is because I just heard a piece that took me to that moment. It brought back these feelings of oneness of love and the memory of what we all are. It made me feel what I have now is as it should be and that everything will be as it should.

I hope you all are having a great day! God bless each of you and all your connected to for we are all connected!