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I just received a message from someone that subscribes to my public updates on Facebook and is not on friends list. They asked me how my wife and I stay positive and why I write what I do. They have been following Gwen and I and following her CIDP page. They asked me why I write what I do as to being happy with life and responding to it all in a positive way.

I did not reply directly because I will let this be my response to him and maybe to a few of you that wonder the same thing.

When things are not going our way in life, we can either simply give up or make things happen. If the Universe or God is allowing hardships in our lives or seemingly putting us through some difficult times, it is for a reason and in the end making us even more stronger. We each have a purpose and we each have a choice in life. We each have something to share, to teach and to learn. That is why I write what I do.

No, I do not have the answer to life’s biggest questions but I do share what I BELIEVE to be true for all of us. You see, we can all do that and we should. That is why we are here, to learn and to grow from one another.

To me if I can inspire, motivate or just get you to think different than what you may be thinking in a negative situation and things change for you for the better after reading and thinking on them then I have done what I have set out to do. I have helped you and myself at the same time. You see this is kinda like my thought journal but it is public for all of you. I write to motivate myself and hope to take you along for the ride.

My goal is to motivate a person to think positively, develop patience and inculcate courage, when faced with difficulties. So, for all those people who are feeling a bit low in life and are looking for some motivation and words of encouragement, continue to follow me and if not, well that is fine to.

With that, I say goodnight and God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected.