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For now, I think I am done with my political rants for a bit. Although, I did come up with some new things to write about from the events of the last few days that I will blog as well as post here. Tonight I want to speak of IGNORANCE.

Ignorance is not just about not knowing for it also includes not wanting to know. I was accused today of this, not wanting to know. Believe me I know more than you may think. Anyway, for me there is a deeper level of ignorance and it refers to a lack of wisdom or insight into the nature of REALITY and of perception.

Ignorance or the lack of wisdom is what lies at the core of all of our problems. We see and hear what we want to for ourselves rather than for others as a whole. Due to this ignorance, people comment negative acts and thus create more misery and suffering in our futures (Karma?).

To me all of our negative acts or emotions have an origin in misunderstanding or the unwillingness to see a truth. I can only assume that the road to any truthful realization of the truth will be a very long journey and may even take a few generations but whatever the journey it begins with a step. We have taken the first and we will see where the second lands.

I can say that as an individual we must each take responsibility for our own lives and rely on none. Educate ourselves become self-confident and throw out the negative thoughts no matter what you believe. We become what we think.

With that, I say to you each, goodnight. God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be!