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“A picture is worth a thousand words”, its introduction was attributed to Frederick Barnard who published a piece commending the effectiveness of graphic ad.

This one quote is so much more that what its original meaning was intended. Since Vanessa’s wedding one picture has held so much emotion and meaning for me than any other and that picture is currently my profile picture.

When I look at it the feeling I felt at that moment comes alive, the feeling of protector, of lover and of guardian. My Gwen, my heart my everything! This one moment I will carry with me forever and into the next life for it defines who Gwen is and who I am together.

I love you my Gwen for eternity and I have since the beginning of time! We have been, we are and will be again!

Each of you I wish for you this same thing, this same emotion and this same moment. Do not let them pass you by and do not give up on the ones that you love, EVER! We have made it so easy to quit on each other but that is neither what love nor what marriage is about.

It is about devotion to one another, love for one another and for holding each other when the other cannot hold themselves.

Look through your photographs, your memories and your moments and find them if you forgot them. Feel them again and hold them nest to your soul and heart forever.

I want this for each of you and most of all I want this love for my daughter and her husband forever and ever.

Goodnight to you all and God bless each of yo and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be. We are all connected!