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Did you know that what we intend (think) consciously and unconsciously are the exact things that seem to manifest in our lives and in those to whom we are connected?

Each of our intentions (thoughts) leads us to what we bring into our reality in our lives.

How do we obtain what we desire in life? We achieve it by first observing our intentions, realizing, and noticing if they are serving us, as they should.

How do we know if they are serving us, as they should? Well for me I do this by observing my feelings and comparing what I intend to my actual feelings and noticing if they are aligned with my feelings. Remember that our feelings and emotions are the language of our souls so when we align and honor our feelings and emotions we honor the divine and spiritual within us and within those we are connected.

When we focus on something, in this case our intentions, repeatedly we will bring to us what we desire in life. It may be a difficult path but if we stay focused and positive it will happen.

Our world and our Universe is giving each of us exactly what we intend, good or bad. If we change what we intend each day, the Universe and God will give you what you intended and not necessarily what you wanted. You will get a variant of what you “thought” you intended.

Think of it like this, one-day you are thinking and intending for the color green and then the next day you are thinking the color red guess what the Universe and God will give you? Yep, you will get the color yellow.

The object is to intend for green each day, repeatedly in thought and in action seeing the result of green in your life even before you get it. Visualize being surrounded and feeling green before you get it.

So today and every day forward become clear on what you want to manifest in your life and those to whom you are connected. Do so consistently and persistently with your intentions, thoughts and actions. Have faith in yourself, God and the Universe and faith that all will align on your behalf to bring to you what you want, need and desire.
Life, God and the Universe love confidence and bold thought intentions so give that to them.

Focus now on your intentions and watch the miracle of it all. Your future awaits you and all of those to whom you are connected.

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be, we are all connected.