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I tend to grow a little weary at times listening to the chatter of people who incessantly decry that the world is out to get them. These are they who are always looking over their shoulders in fear that someone is about to drive another dagger into their back.

karmaThese are they who blame the world for all of their problems without ever willingly admitting that they are perhaps the biggest part of their own problems. These are they who exhibit rude, crude, and socially unacceptable behaviors and refuse to understand why the world is not accepting of said behaviors.

We cannot continue to place the total blame for any maltreatment that we may experience in life on race, religion, or even the self-imposed belief that nobody likes us or wants to give us a fair chance. Instead, we need to examine ourselves and perhaps ask the question, “What is it that makes me so unlikeable?”

If we are honest and true to ourselves, we may be surprised at the real answer to that inquiry. I am thoroughly convinced that it is often our own speech and behaviors that betray us and alienate us from certain circles in society.

Its really simple; if you don’t work for a living quit complaining about what you don’t have. It was your choice. If you ask for help and get it don’t complain if it was not up to YOUR expectations. It was free and I pray that you don’t get the help again.

Got off your ass and do for yourself and for others and quit thinking you deserve something for nothing in this life.