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It saddens me that there are people who live their lives in a Black and White world. Sadder still is the reality that even the black and white world in which they live, imagestends to be a hazy shade of gray at best. These are those who are adamant about the need to consistently pit one race or culture of people against another, believing in their mind that one group of people are superior to another. Because of these misguided ill feelings, they envision that particular races of people are always attempting to demean or degrade them in some manner.

The tragic reality is that oftentimes the demeaning and degrading occurs within a particular race or culture of people, and not necessarily without. Some of the cruelest maltreatment of people has occurred within the walls of their own race or culture, and it has been other races or cultures that have reached out to them to help set them free from such chains of tyranny and oppression. You can see this in so many ways today.

The bottom line is this: We are a multi-color, multi-cultured world. Each of us are special and have something to give to one another weather or not we realize this. We are not grouped according to race, color, creed, ethnicity, or the like. We have done this to ourselves. There is not one human among any of us that is considered superior to another. Every man, woman, boy, and girl are a part of the human family, and so does it not follow that we are all brothers and sisters?

We cannot continue to enlarge the gulf that sometimes exist between us because of us, but rather we must make every effort to bridge the gulf by building bridges of love and understanding. As a family, we cannot continue to break bread at our own serrate tables where only those in our clique are allowed to sit down, but our tables should be joined as we sit down to break bread together in the bonds of love.

In my opinion the table of humanity is round where no one is more than the other and all are equal. What shape is your table?